Considerations for setting your VOD strategy

As the number of online video platforms is growing traditional broadcaster are struggling in defining their own VOD strategy. Launching a VOD service creates a ‘direct-to-consumer’ model which conflicts with the power structure in the industry that is based on a close relationship with advertisers on one side and service providers (MVPD’s) on the other. In this blog we take a look at the current VOD and OTT market developments and the strategic implication for broadcasters to launch their own service.

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How smartphone penetration drives second screen usage

As the penetration of smartphones and tablets across the globe continues to rise, people are increasingly using them while watching television. Our research shows that a growth in smartphone penetration impacts media multitasking and can provide valuable insights in future developments.

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Do Tweets drive tune-in for television? The empirical evidence is growing.

Driving tune-in is one of the key objectives for broadcasters to get their audiences to tweet. The empirical evidence for this relationship is thin. A Nielsen US study from 2013 is the only substantial public source available. A number of cases seem to support the causal relationship: Kassa! from VARA, Dallas 2012 from Facebook and The Walking Dead from Twitter. Now Kantar UK has contributed a significant study.

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